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MV Restaurant - The No 1 Halal Family Restaurant In Johor Bahru

" The Village of International Cuisine "

Chef's Recommendations

Kailan with Salted Fish

A classic favourite and a must have for all...

Butter Prawns

Wok fried juicy butter prawns. Perfect...

Siakap Terbang With S.Belacan

Siakap deep fried to perfection served with...

MV Bamboo Rice Special

Bamboo Rice serviced with Bumbu Chicken, Acar,...

Broccoli with Prawns

Who said that healthy garden greens cannot taste...

Lemon Chicken

Crispy Boneless chicken thigh served with tangy...

Nasi Lemak MV Special

Sambal Prawns, Bumbu Chicken, Achar, Anchovies,...

Assam Siakap

Our signature Assam Siakap. Tired of Siakap 3...

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Operating Hours – 11.30am to 12night


Our Services

Our Services

Our Services

Malay Village Restaurants in Johor Bahru also caters for the following events.

  • Family Functions (Buffet/Served)
  • Company Functions (Buffet/Served)
  • Wedding Functions / Dinner
  • Birthdays

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